Cortenfenster mit isolierender Doppelverglasung / Dreifachverglasung

Eine spezielle Stahlsorte, die wartungsfrei ist. Die Oberfläche schützt sich mit ihrer eigenen Patina vor Witterungseinflüssen, die monatelang reift und sich verfärbt

the most technologically advanced thermally insulated steel system

unique system profile made of stainless steel, which meets all the criteria of modern design and at the same time offers the required thermal insulation properties

thin lines, subtle profile construction that offers

unique double half-groove seal - internal and external, the profile has an interrupted thermal bridge and thus excellent insulating properties (allows the use of insulating double glazing and triple glazing). This guarantees excellent thermal insulation, so this system is ideal for projects in climatically demanding areas where there are extremely high regulations for energy savings.

possibility to set windows and doors as single-leaf and double-leaf, fixed and revolving windows. Opening in and out, suspended, tiltable and rotatable

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